The foundation of leadership begins with serving the community.

Let’s create a new foundation.

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Standing up for the community in the wake of Trayvon Martin’s murder in 2012 led Deondre’ to where he is now. He’s a fierce advocate for the community in many areas, public safety being a top priority. In 2017, he was a proud supporter of CPAC (Civilian Police Accountability Council) and built relationships with many members of GAPA (Grassroots Alliance for Police Accountability). In 2018, he was one of ten community members selected to launch the pilot program, the Chicago Neighborhood Policing Initiative in the 25th district. In 2020, he had the privilege to teach Chicago police officers at the training academy. Now, he leads districts 11, 15, & 25 as a Community Engagement Specialist for New York University’s Policing Project. These experiences taught him him the necessity of accountability, service, advocacy, and leadership. He is poised to make a difference in the community by becoming an elected member of the District Council in the 15th District.

District Council Roles & Responsibilities

  • Serve as the community’s trusted resource for issues of policing and public safety
  • Hold monthly public meetings where neighbors can raise concerns about policing in their communities
  • Develop, implement, and expand public safety initiatives that support communities
  • Build relationships among residents, community leaders and institutions across the neighborhood
  • Nominate candidates to serve on the city-wide oversight board over the Chicago Police Department
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